Monday, April 29, 2013

Tourism for Art

 ITDC Art Camp
Tourism for Art
20  - 24 April,2013
Friendship Lounge, The Ashok

'Tourism for Art' a collaborative effort of both India tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) and A P Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) is the outcome of common vision of both chairman and Managing Directors of ITDC and APTDC that the immense power and potential of art can be harnessed for tourism development.
It is a known fact that both tourism and art have quite a few things in common i.e. colour , space, beauty to highlight the uniqueness of a space and so on. Just as photography brings a piece of geographical space, an ethnic face, an exquisite handicraft from the remotest part of the country before millions of eyes of the world, a painting on tourism product promotes and popularizes the same. Therefore, both in a way, joined together, contribute to tourism promotion in multiple ways.

For the Art Lover there is more in store
The exhibition cum sale section provides on
attractive choice of over 50 paintings for sale

Event inauguration by 
Sri Lalit Pawar, I A S
Chairman and Managibg Director 
Chandana Khan , IAS
special chief secretary to government, Tourism and Chairman and managing director APTDC

Participants were : from Huderabad - Smt Chandana Khan, Nagesh Goud, Srikanth Kurva, Jeeban Gosika , Shamsuddin,   C Sreepathy
from Kolkata - Sanjoy Mazundar, Palash Paul, Gautam Sarkar, Albert Ashok , Sujit Ghosh
from Jammu - O P sharma
From Delhi-  V S Rahi, Harish Kumar, Bhavana Bhanot , Vigyan Vrat

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