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Golpark, Dumdum, a chapter in my life.

Golpark, Dumdum, a chapter in my life.

I am a writer and an artist, age about 50 years old. I have a lot contribution to my land and country in the field of ART and CULTURE, about 100,000 students of art use my books every year. I live in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I have some grievance and want to share it with other Indians and as well as foreigners. I expect to draw attention of some human rights activists. If such thing happens to me it is happening everywhere. But it should be curved and bring under control and should not recur to other civillians.

On 22nd July 2011, One of my girl friend ( age about 45yrs) came to visit me at night 10 o clock, because at day time I remain busy and out of home) she never came earlier at my home, she was supposed to go spending little time with me. Her name is B. From 19th July to 23 rd July, My group of exhibition was going at Chemould Art Gallery, Park street, Kolkata. Participants are from different states, Dinabandhu Sahoo from Odisha, Mukta Gupta from JamshedPur, Paban Roy from Deoghar and etc. I invited them to stay at my home till exhibition is ended. So, many came and stayed at my home. I have my family, they live in other states for their service and study at present. So , There were no problem staying guest at my home. I lived in a rented house at Golpark, Dumdum, Kolkata. I am a respectable man in the area, I have almost no personal touch with neighbours, because I am so busy with my art and literature and my freelance job with Publishers and other human rights jobs. But people knew me.

House owner’s Name Gopal Kundu. I lived here for over 6 years with my family. On 22nd July 2011, when My girl friend came to visit me with in minutes the sons of Gopal Kundu and wife of Gopal Kundu knocked my doors. They suddenly assaulted me, saying you have brought woman at night and you leave my home just now. I told them she is my family friend, They argued ‘ you cant bring a woman at night’ I said, ’ at day I am out of home, when she would come?’ They humiliated me saying a lot abusive words, I tried my best to convince that in my home I can bring my guest, they said I cant. They shouted and brought local friends of them. Inside my home by then a lot of people. All are women and men came to assault me and my girl friends. They called my Family and came to know that she is my old friend and nothing wrong, but by then a lot people making me an object of fun. An extreme humiliation. They were manhandling me and my girl friend. They would not let her go. And they put lock on my entrance doors.

My question is what the Indian constitution or civil rights say about this situation? Am I guilty letting my girl friend come in my house?

Can a House owner forcefully barge and assault on its tenant at night? And Humiliate, torture mentally, defame publicly?

They tried to intimidate with their friends and family, and made me write on a blank sheet they I should leave their house within 30 July 2011. ( Actually, They were insisting me to vacate their house once their terms were over, I told the house owner Gopal Kundu to vacate this premise on December 2011. But His wife and two sons were against this extension of time , they were insisting me to leave as soon as possible. But I did not know they were find an opportunity to throw me away of their house.) and they forced me take a photo with my girl friend at night by their camera and mobile camera. Their friends also taken our photos and spread it through their friends.

My question is: can they force me write to vacate in a blank sheet and harass me, torture me mentally and physically ?

Can they take our photos forcefully and spread through their mobile phone camera system? They are not doing some illegal action ? They have attacked my privacy in the case of getting inside of my room and assaulting me and spreading our photos forcefully taking it by them and their people.

Can you lock your respectable tenants inside so that he cant go out even he falls sick? I live on my own these days, My family lives far away in a different states, so, I cant take a maid or friend or relative to live with me to look after me from illness? What is human rights to say? And what our Indian constitution says?

I called a few friends they sent police , police came about at night 1 am. They came with house owner and knocked me. I told that they have locked me ? Police were not interested and said I have not done well letting my girl friend come in at night and threatened me they can arrest me for this offence and even they can make some fabricated case against me and lock me inside police station for atleast three months without a bail? I was really shocked and frightened by the police behavior , so, kept quiet. And police gone. Finally , The culprits, the house owners wife and sons and their family made me more humiliated and left. I spent the night in shock. when gone. I took a photo of my grill doors of entrance and next morning they unlocked one entrance which entrance they use. And I took another photos of my locked doors. To remember the atrocities they have done to me.

I am more embarrassed and worried thinking about my girl friend’s plight. She lives nearby, 15 minutes away of bus rides, when her family and neighbor would come to know about it may create some problem.

My house owner’s wife, sons, and their wives and family assaulted on me , tortured me and my girl friend mentally and physically, broke my privacy , forced me write to vacate their house, took forcefully our photos and spread by their mobile and, defamed me wrong way, locked me inside.

I ask to my civilized friends, can they do it to me legally ? If they can’t do it then I want them punished by legal way?

When I am discouraged by my friends that I have no money, so, I cant go legal way and punish the culprits. So, I left their home on 29th July 2011 being frustrated.

And this situation led another problem on 29th July 2011.

On 29th July 2011, I was leaving the house at golpark, dumdum. Because they (the house owners wife, sons, wives and family) have forcefully made me write to vacate their house and threatened me with local goondas (hoodlums) to vacate the rooms otherwise they would torture or kill me and forcefully throw away all my belongings. My belongings were about 10 000 books and canvases, and my computer and etc. of my family , like kitchen wares clothings and many more things.

On 29th July Friday, I was just loading on a matador vehicle. It was evening 7 pm. A band of goondas, mostly they are rickshaw pullers, car drivers and local hoodlum came forward. And tried to snatch my belonging, I tried to stop them and asked whats the matter is going. They said they have given a loan of Rs. 10 000 to my wife, I said ok if it is so, give me a document that you have legal claim, I would pay it instantly but don’t touch it. They said you bring your wife here now. I said how it is possible, she not here for more than years, and why I shall bring her now. My wife says she has not taken. I understood it was their tricks to loot and rob my belongings. My expensive TV and computer. When People are gathering, the house owner from their first floor were watching. The rickshaw puller, Name Kartick and a car driver name shakti and other tried to push me in a dark place, I was shocked and made to stay on the main road . on then they started to hit me abd made me bleeding. I called so many people no one came on my rescue. I was so frustrated. Then they were beating my sons too. I was frightened. I ran to police station but police behaved me roughly. They threatened me we shall arrest you. I was literally crying that my innocent highschool studying son is in danger, hoodlums are beating , police were indifferent. Finally , they told me they are sending police from ghughudanga. I was completely frustrated. And on returning my home I found they have took my son along with them and some of my belongs among them a TV and my computer. I went to a man of my locality his name is Rabi sen ( Rabi da) I told him I want to meet their demand , I would pay 10 000 Rupees but save my computer and TV. He told his boys. They again called the hoodlums. By that time police came. Rabi came to know who called to police, if police is there Rabi da will not work to save my belongings. He told me to say no help from police the local people would do to solve problem. I was concentrating on my computer. Because if its gone all my art works and clients ready works worth a lot would be gone. So, I was desperate to save my computer. I told police to go away, I just took no risk. Because situation is not favourable to me, and I have no financial strength to fight. I paid 10, 000 Rupees to the hoodlums, they gave back my computer and TV and they gone laughing like they won a victory. I remained grieving. People are taking chances. Around 11 pm , at night I got back my computer and TV, and with sorrow and crying eyes I left Golpark, Dumdum. In which area I lived for about 20 years.

Some hoodlums came and beat me without any cause or my wrong involvement, robbed me, took money and gone. If this happens where is the security? Police ‘s role is critical. They threatened me wrong way two times. But did not dare to arrest me, when I said I am a human rights activist and a writer and artist. But I am concerned about common people. My ego is burning me, why I cant live the way I am? Why Police do not help common people?

What our Indian constitution does to secure a respectable man?

ooooooooooooooooooooxooooooooooooooooooooooBelow more details

29th july 2011, around 9p.m. I was uploading my house hold belongings on a matador van.

Santosh basak, or something like that was the matador driver. I contacted him from nager bazaar stand. Because, I had to shift within 30th july . Kartick, a rickshaw van puller, came with a demand that he had given a loan Rs. 10,000 to my wife. He wants his money. I said well, give me a proof I shall pay you all. But he failed , he, shakti, a diminutive men, black complexioned, short height, car driver, and more a few rickshaw pullers and others low level people, attacked me, and snatched my computer set, TV, worth of 30 thousand. They were drunk.

It was at the gate of Gopal kundu’s house, Gopal kundu and his two sons and his entire family from their ground floor saw them but did not came to rescue. It was seen by other people also. They beat me and my son.

I called Ashok Roy, he was calling his friend, and over phone he heard me and tried to support me., I called Kashinath chakladar, he seemed not ready to help me. He said to call Biplab Talukdar. But at that time I had no opportunity to note down and call Biplab, Actually, I wanted them to stop the ruffians and security. I called K. L. Maity. Maity sounded li’l embarrassed. The hoodlums held my son captive and forced him write something. I went running to police station, they were threatening me to arrest saying I keep woman at night. Finally, when they got a phone from some of my friends they told me to leave the police station. They would send police from ghughudanga Phanri. Nak unchu was there.

When I did not get my support and security, I went to meet Rabi sen, an influential man of Golpark. I told him all and want to pay Kartick to save my computer . because My computer had important works which I created for a publication house. Finally, he called his boys , in the meantime, police came, and Robi Sen told me to say police to move away and do it the transaction by local people. But police on the register noted my name and fathers name and gone. Around 11 o clock, I paid the money withdrawn by my son from my atm card, and took my computer back. I yielded to the hoodlums all because to save my computer.

The behavior I saw and witnessed of the police was just disgusting. The police is the worst force of civil society. If you have no influence in society you die without justice.


They have confined me locking in my room with keyof their own on my door knobs, intimidating way, forced me write something wrong, that I never did, and took a photo with a lady by their mobile and spread it through other friends.Can they break in one’s house and violate one’s privacy?

I want to know some legal advice. Please read it and help me.

I am an artist and writer. I run a few artists and writers organisation. I live alone. all my family lives separately. As an organiser I faced some problems: here it follows in my comment below:

I visit different states, and stay at my artists and writers friends home. So, when they come Kolkata, they also want to stay with me. It is not for money, it is just sharing our ideas on art and writing. we enjoy. On 19 th july our group exhibition started at Chemould art Gallery.Kolkata. Three participant friends came from different states. On 18th, One woman artist arrived at my home straight. her family is familiar to me. she stayed twodays, with her another artist from Odisha came and stayed. On 21st july the woman artist got news that her daughter is sick so she left. My neighbours and my landlord, the women folks, watched people coming and going. On 22nd,one day before my group show at chemoulf closes, a woman friend came to visit me at night around 10 pm. when she entered, after some time my landlord just with his family members, about 6 or 7 members were knocking at my door, they got information that some woman is living with me, it was about 10 o clock, when I opened they saw the woman, they asked me who she is, I told she is my family friend, and we know eachother for a decades. But they were shouting, saying, is it time for a woman to meet a man? I said whats wrong? They then plunged on the woman and locked me with a lock and key of them ,so that I dont flee, they were shouting and breaking my things, and abusing me with vulgar words. They called local people who are their friends, they threatened me and forcing me to throw away all my belongings, they tried humiliate me informing my son and daughter, but when they came to know that the woman is really known to our family, they disappointed. Then they understood it is their mistake. On then to save their face they tried to make us guilty. They brought a blank paper, and made me forcefully signed that I am involved in an illegal activities with a lady, so, I have to leave their house within few days. Many neighbours whom they called came and supported the house owner. they forcefully took photos of me with the lady, the lady did not expect such behaviour suddenly, because, she respects me alot. and used to come to have some solution and suggestion when she faces problems in her life. We have been fabricated what was not expected. Finally, I called a few friends and police, Police came at about 1 am, midnight, local police, a subinspector with other police men got in . I told them they have locked me, the subinspector said they will open it. But he threatened me saying he can arrest me and anytime with a petty case he can confine me without bail for long 3 months. And gone. I got a serious mental shock. After some time, when everyone gone, I think about myself, that throughout whole my life I did some good for this country, about a 100 school and college books I wrote and students are using them for last 25 years. If my situation is such, what will be the plight of common good people. Police are influenced by the perpetrators. Talking , coming, staying by two senior citizen inside their home after evening Is it offence? Forcefully making someone a wrong statement is it allowed by Indian constitution? Taking photos forcefully, intimidating with opposite sex and spreading it through sms, is it allowed by India’s legal system? Finally, I want to

know what my action should be, what I can do to heal my wound. Or Have I really done some wrong letting my old friends to be in my house, or sheltering in my house? If so, I will be more careful in future while someone would ask for shelter and come to visit me. Another question, As I am a senior lonely man, cant I keep a house maid with me when I am sick and need someone’s care? What is the legal cells answer?

I am not ashamed of this incident, I have not done anything wrong , can I have legal protection? Please, if you have time, help me writing your view.

If you have any comments you can write me: albertashok at yahoo dot com

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