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Kala mela : Art Camp at Deoghar Jharkhand

The dream and women, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 inches

Kala mela : Art Camp at Deoghar Jharkhand, 13th to 15th march 2011

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ডিস্ট্রিক্ট কাউন্সিল অফ কালচার, কালাহান্ডি : “অল ইন্ডিয়া পেইন্টিং এগজিবিশান অ্যানড ওয়ার্কশপ”

RAW Foundation, a social and educational organization

Student can visit


Through one of my students Mantu Bera, Mr Paban Roy director of Kornik, came to know and invited me to attend an Art camp, in Deoghar Jharkhand state. So, on 12th march we reached at howrah station to catch train, from Kolkata, me and my painting student DR. Naboday Paul (MBBS) was with me, had set out for Deoghar, Jharkhand.

This is busy Howrah station:
We two are waiting...

We reached Jasidih Junction by 3.45 am in the early morning. a deserted look of the station

the IB guest house where we stayed, the picture of the gate from open road.

the guest house
a big campus
in the lawn, me and Dr. Nabadoy paul
R N Bose Bangla Library, Station Road , Deoghar, where the Art camp held

The entrance of the R N Bose Bangla Library, A boul image greeting us all
Director of Kornik, A cultural organisation, Mr Paban Roy and Sudha Pandey, the sweet couple who greeted us all and organized the camp.
Kala mela From the open station Road Deoghar.
The first day had a nice look of the spot where all artists worked together
Lighting lamp ceremony, we all renowned painters had came forward to light lamps a simbol of lighting the world, a beginning of an important good work, inauguration ceremony

Sakila Rehman, the collage artist, and Jayanto khan at the backdrops
sakila is being interviewed by local journalists , husband Akbar shekh in the middle
from Gwalior, Hajaribag , Jamshedpur , Delhi, and from other diferent states painters came to join the art camp. here, Dinesh singh, Ujjal Ghosh and another painters with me
Mr Paban Roy and Sudha Pandey, the sweet couple who greeted us all

artists are working on canvases

All woman artists Arunima Kapoor (Noida) , Kamini vaghele ( Jhansi), Bhawbna Ghosh (Hajari bagh) and others are with me.
Me and Sakila
Before Sakila rehman ( the celebrity collage artist), me and Ujjal ghosh from Hajari bagh

Most women criticize I am anti feminist, so, none came forward to spend a little time with me. I remained alone. But on the contrary, all my poems and paintings are on the theme the women or on the power of women. I am very unlucky, I could not draw their attention. This painting titled ' Woman and dream' proves my fondness for womankind. You can see my works on women Click here
Dr. Naboday paul painted this, three women
We went to visit Baidyanath Dham, temple, 'babar mondir' most crowded and busy pandas ( agents of priests and commodity sellers) are soliciting. To me these are nuisance creating trouble to public, there should be strict administration from Govt side for the benefit of pilgrims

Very beautiful temple
Dr Naboday paul among crowds
me, on the foreground

with me Jahar Dasgupta, Malay Saha, Akbar Sekh (husband of Sakila Rehman)
Sakila Rehman at baidyanath Dham
very charming and innocent look, very nice lady

Mukta Gupta, Kartick Prosad and me relaxing and Sanjib Gupta
Manoj Routh , kalahandi, painted this , he works on tribal people of ODISHA
Bibhas and Nabadoy sharing pleasantries
Me and Arunima Kapoor, from Delhi, a young painter worked on women
Shambhu Jana, samar, Jayanta Khan Sandip Goldar
A list of names, participant painters was set next to the gate
on the third day The S P of Deoghar, Subodh prasad had his speech, he said he is with all cultural people and with a helping hand, bravo.
we left our temporary shelter, the guest house,

photographs credit : Sandip Goldar, one of my painting student, Kharagpur.

Me and Kamini
sharing my experience of this camp with others on a stage, so much light they have thrown on my face I was very much puzzled, I could not see the audience.
last day on 15th March we sat together most painters ,
kamini, me, mantu and malay
sandip at the left yellow shirt and mukta at the right
I am receiving honour from district SP subodh prasad
I am receiving honour from district SP subodh prasad
On the stage we all stood together to have a memorable snap

Photo: Sandip Goldar

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