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A gievance call, Media and the character of Indian postal department

A gievance call, deaf media and the character of Indian postal department

I sent this grievance call to most small and biggest news media, but it seems no one hears and ready to carry the news, It means that the poor and the weakest person has no support from society and I sent my grievance to concerned department of ministry and offices but I dont see any light and hope of my grievance. So, I feel much frustration, and you can imagine how many people feel such depression and frustration unnoticed and unrecorded. I dont see also any hope by any humanrights group to fight for such cause.

The same grievance I posted earlier click here to read
Here I am adding a few mails that can prove my appeal to government

I sent mails to the following recipients,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: Gurudas Kamat MOS(C&IT)>
Date: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Fwd: Six months over my gift parcel is not delivered by Post Office.

The message is forwarded for necessary action under intimation to this office.

(Unmesh Sharad Wagh)


to see the image of the mails please click the image and zoom

PG Section
toAlbert Ashok
dateThu, Feb 3, 2011 at 10:35 AM
No. 2-04/2011-PG

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please refer to your complaint addressed to the Hon'ble MOS (C &IT) (K). The case is being forwarded to West Bengal Postal Circle for further disposal. You may please await further correspondence from the concerned Circle Office. The e-mail ID of W.B. Circle is

Inconvenience caused to you is sincerely regretted.

PG Section

Dak Bhavan

New Delhi-110116

From: PG Section <>



This complaint received from Hon'ble MOS(C&IT) (K) is being forwarded for necessary action and early compliance. The case is being dealt in the Directorate under File No. 2-04/2011-PG. It is requested to furnish a detailed report along with the copy of reply sent to the complainant and other enclosures, within 10 days positively as per the orders of the Office of the Hon'ble Minister.

PG Section

Dak Bhavan

New Delhi


I want to draw your attention to whom it may concern

Last 20 th July 2010, A gift Parcel was sent from Japan, and on 23 rd July 2010, it has reached to Indian counterpart of Postal service, from then on it has not reached to the recipient, and still I am in dark whether my gift will reach me at all, today 11th oct 2010. Its going to be three months and how long it will take for Indian postal service to deliver the item to its recipient or it is vanished by postal service people on the way?

Who is responsible and who will answer my question? Hello minister, journalist , citizen of India and Human rights activists can you help me ?

A sensitive and emotional question I put before you.

Here I have all my documents scanned and uploaded to support my word. I am afraid the corruption of Postal department and custom are yet to explore.

Below a document from Japanese Post office to my friend
EMIE Matsushima, has written that the parcel is for long with Indian Post Office, they had sent this document ( below) to EMIE Matsushima on last 21 dec 2010

image 1

Image 2.

Image 3.

image 4.

image 5.

Helpless citizen and corruption of postal department (with custom)

Indian Government has given authority to some unworthy people or people who are corrupted from top to bottom in the arena of public service. Because of that people are not getting governments due service, resulting a commotion against public servants and government.

Government is paying more to these public servants or employees so that they can serve better. But it seems, these public servants or employees think the government is there forefather’s property and the service will be run according their whim and interest. If this is the situation, I think government is poking people to insanity and forcing people take action by their own hand making a chaos, an unwanted disquiet situation.

I want to draw the attention of Indian government, concerning authorities, ministers, people who keep an watch on corruption and Human Rights on this topic.

My grievance is :

I am an Indian and I have given a considerable size of contribution to my country for last 30 years in education and cultural field. A part of cultural and educated people know me well. My pecuniary condition or financial state is very poor. I never got any assistance from any government and non government org. I don’t expect too. But I expect as a citizen of India, my small service to this nation will not be stopped by any government or non-government org. and my natural movement of activity will not be hindered.

As an artist I needed a camera, but due to very low financial state I could not buy. One of my friend in Japan, sent me her used camera as a gift. I was elated very much; she sent it on last 20 th July 2010. (See the image no 4 and 5). She sent me her scanned papers of postal delivery order. I saw it in website of Japanese post office. It reached on 23rd July in India. ( see image No 1,2 and 3).
Still today , I have no formal intimation or information from Indian Post office and custom office that someone from Japan sent me a gift.

Hello Minister, how you take this? How long your postal department will take a parcel delivery to its recipient? Is it a corruption on your department or custom officials side? Who will shoulder the loss of my profession? And such type of offence your department is doing to how many common people? Do you have an account?
Why I did not have my gift, Can you look into the matter and punish the offenders who cause
innumerous people stress, tension and grief? The government who can not feed people but should not cause any damage to its citizen.

My friend sent me her papers duly scanned through email, so, that I can have confidence and ask local post office. I have faith on my local post peon as they know me and deliver any letter or parcel in time. After waiting one month quietly I went to post office and talked to senior authority but could not tell me anything, I told them it is in Japanese postal website shows its delivered on 23rd july to Indian concerning authority. But Post office told me that as soon as the parcel will come to this local post office it will be delivered to me. I asked other post man who often comes at my home for mail delivery. He said, foreign parcels are under custom inspection, so you have to look in custom office. But he could not shed light which custom office. So I told some of my police ( higher authority) and public servant friends, they told that I should not go to any custom office because custom people are not trusted they may complicate things more. Anyway, I came to know that there is a foreign post post office in Kolkata where foreign parcel comes first and get registered for inspection.
Finally, I found a close friend working in custom office. I gave her my documents she has sent me to some officer in the foreign post office ( Foreign Post Office, 12, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, kolkata) who might help me regarding this parcel of camera and other assorted things.
So , probably, 7th Sept mustering some courage I went to foreign post office and waiting a lot after 2 pm the officer got in I am waiting for. I introduced myself he took little care and saw in his department’s computer that the parcel is lying with them. He assured me it will be released verbally. He instructed me to write an application demanding the parcel and attaching papers if I have any. And told me to come again on 13th September. (See Image No 6 and 7)

The office is not meant for all public. If you have any purpose you have to write and sign in a guest book. From 11 o clock to 2 pm, for 4 long hours I saw inside confidential rooms where they check foreign parcels and the work culture. Actually it is a place for gossiping who are working in table. I dont know whether all are present in time. You know if there is gossiping the work process will naturally slow down. I saw (I wish I could have a sting operation or record the custom culture) a few officers just opening every parcel and handling roughly and repacking all . Before repacking they are checking all very closely and talking things as if there own property, listing all articles in a register copy and checking all, if things are not mentioned they are not keeping back things on the same parcel. You will not know if anything is stolen by them and damaged by them ever. Such type of work may be in all countries I wonder! And repacking such a way that it never been opened by any agent. The officials are laughing, chatting, throwing parcels without any proper care, whether the articles break or damage they dont have any care. But when parcels will be delivered no one will know what the senders sent. And you have to receive the goods with out any proper inspection. and can not claim if anything missing. Sometimes many stationary things we send inside a parcel or box without listing because we believe the parcel will not be opened by any agent through its journey senders to recipient. My faith has been shattered. The thief is there in the system.
As I did not know the officer I came to meet so I looked for him at every section , downstairs and upstairs and asked many officers. I heard an officer is saying loudly to another officer from his table ‘ USA goods, parcels should be released faster.’ I guess their work is not natural way, the service system is controlled by some force. And unnatural means there are unnatural force exist.

On 13th sept 2010 I went again with an application and duly submitted. The officer gave me a receipt, ( see image no 6) told it will take time. He did not care that his officer had instructed him to entertain my case. He seems indifferent. I reported again to the officer who comes at office late, he said hopelessly ‘ Ok , we shall call you leave your phone number. Finally, I returned home spending whole day lost. Today, 11th oct 2010 No one came from Post office or called me regarding my parcel.
If it is the situation how can we trust our Postal system and department.

And who in this country will help common citizen if such things recur time and again.
Hello Minister are you listening?
I have full faith in Indian government it will take apprpiate care in public service and look into public grievances.

Image 6.

Image 7.

Today I took a finger shot ( see below the image) that tells the parcel is lying with kolkata Ems speed post center.
I am waiting to see how long it will take for Indian postal department to deliver my gift to me.
This parcel involves some souvenir and sensitive personal letter. If they are lost It is my misfortune, I would think as Indian government is always indifferent except their vote craze.

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