Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love You : is it an offensive word?

'I LOVE YOU' is not an offensive phrase, if any body says so I don't believe he/she is right person for Human Rights activities.

I got comments from friends in Myspace....... 'Muahs', ' Mwuahs', 'I love you', 'kisses', 'Hugs' 'you are my heart', and there are more romantic phrases. Hundreds and hundreds in number. If you do not believe you come and see the comments of members in Myspace and in my profile. How many people said it to me! I dont find any wrong in it, Its a mere someone's expression for me in virtual world. When some one says it to me I feel a warmth from unknown, unseen friends, makes me comfortable and cordial with her or him. A stimuli helps run the relation long in virtual world in social networking sites.

In the beginning, when I encountered these words I felt shy I used to delete the comments as soon as possible lest somebody known to me reads. I was so shy, LOL. But very soon I have explored and become familiar and accustom with these words and phrases. Actually, these are vehicle to pass one's emotion to other showing steady friendship, a way of convincing genuineness some mute words. An expression of excitement, warm feelings or convey some bond for somebody and totally these expressions are for virtual world. It has no effect in real world. And I started to post such words and phrases back in return to my friends postings or comments.

A few days ago I had posted ' I Love You' out of emotion. And I had to pay a heavy price. At the bottom of someone's photo in Facebook I wrote 3 words ' I love you' as comment. I can not believe these simple innocent words can pull me in embarrassment and force me feel small and harm. It is not illiterate's world, its from western cultural people living in London ( probably) and she is an online officer of a world Human Rights organisation has caused me grieve and pain.

I am not bringing any allegation against somebody but it is harmful to an organisation who are working for mass. You are playing football in mud your body will be muddy you should know. If you are in Japan, what language you speak does not matter people will speak japanese. In Online you know you will be treated as online people. You are dealing with public you should know you have to face the anger of public. In rain you are drenched , in sun you get heat. Otherwise you stay home locked inside. no one will go to you. Among public you are one of the public no one will woo you as an individual. We are out here to serve the society/nation, we see you as a representative of an organisation among public, whatever we say you we say it to your organisation, not individually you.

' I love you ' is the most used phrases worldwide. if your mind is full of vulgar you will mean it as vulgar, if your mind is sacred you will mean it as sacred. it depends how you see it . Not the people who said it. You are proving what you are.

I am basically a poet and painter, for last 3 years, I am addicted to online, All I do is spreading the news/message from Human Rights. I read online bulletins/ News published by different organizations such as International PEN and its centers, Article19, IFEX, Amnesty international, UN, and other org. working for Freedom of Expression. I republish the important news in my blog ( I maintain a number of blogs) and some times I sum up the news and add my views , sometime I draw cartoons or create a painting. This take a lot time and energy. Its not so much easy and fun. besides every month, I have to pay about one thousand Rupees for broadband connections. It is high price for a poor Indian. ( I did not have any service, trade/ business, as a freelance writer and artist I spent my whole life in misery. I wrote about 100 hundred books which are used by lakhs people every year, this contribution of mine helps promote users life but not mine LOL I dont get royalty, simply they dont pay me). My financial state is very poor, due to this my family has to starve but it never deters me from doing so, I feel pleasure, I know I am rendering a great service to this nation/ world. This makes me happy. And forget all pain.

This activities have become a part of my life. I have about one thousand friends in social networking sites, my favourite is 'Myspace' where everyday I have to post almost one hundred comments or scraps, because I receive scraps from friends. I fear if i keep silent or ignore they will not listen me in my need. I pull traffic from these sites ( Orkut, Facebook and Bebo).

' I love you ' this expression has brought a lot of friends to me and to other users. I dont see any wrong with this word. Say with me ..... I LOVE YOU.

This is a part of a story, some documents and conversations will be added soon keep in touch till I am back

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