Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sahitya Setu and 30th kabi mela

Sahitya Setu a literary Magazine, hosted a 30th annual 'Kabimela' (a big
gathering of poets) on last 14 th march , Sunday, 2010. at Bansberia
Jute Mill, Bandel, Hooghly.

Sahitya setu, a fortnightly literary journal has crossed 43 years of
regular publication. A little magazine survives 43 years with good
reputation and regular basis is a matter of pride.
About 200 hundred poets gathered at the big hall and read their own
poems, discussed on contemporary poetry. A few came from our
neighbouring country Bangladesh.

Sahitya setu also awarded a few new and old poets too.

The editor of this journal is Dr. Jagabandhu Kundu.
Below the invitation card:

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