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This Land and My Being

This land and my Being : A journey through desperation, struggle and hardship.

I am Albert Ashok. I am a Poet and painter!. And I have come a long way struggling my soul with all sorts of odds and oppositions.
I was born in a poor and illiterate family. Under pressure of poverty and lack of consciousness about education I could not finish my school. So, what is poverty better say how poor class lead life I know well. When you have no money , you have no power you are absolutely a fool, you have to digest all, face all your opposition, tolerate insult . You have to close your eyes , stitch your mouth, feign as if you are a deaf, control your coolness and restrain your anger and emotion. I don’t mean that money is all, but it is unavoidable power and source of sustenance. How one become a desperate and helpless, take drastic steps the second man will never know.

Mistreatment, misbehaviour, are the things the poor people only can expect, not in India but everywhere of this globe, mostly Asian and African countries.
Two square of a meal a day is not secured for human kind. We love to remain semi blind, ignorant once our own security and comfort is achieved, we don’t take care for others who are poorer than us. We remain busy always to secure our lives, the materials we need at every moment.

Think of other creatures, they don’t fight for their living place, food water and shelter.

The civilization has given us ( human) the utmost desperation and helpless state.
Animal world is better than us. They don’t have so much fear and concern about the things beyond their own life. When some one begs money we advice. ‘hey man do work, why do you beg?’ But do we have jobs? Why unemployment grows day by day? I begged in my life jobs not money, door to door, no one seemed to give me jobs, everyone suspects whether I was a thief or not, I felt insulted, on then I was a small boy of fifteen!

How cruel is this world we know all, but most of time we forget it we see and look for a moderate situation of living. We don’t let worst situation let overcome us, we have faith over all people, though we fear, and remain aware of evil.
In my childhood I was very simple and fool, but little headstrong. I could not chalk out my daily life, or plan things and follow. A bit whimsical too. So sometimes I used to demand persistently to my father and become very much rebellious. I tried to stand on my own leg from the very early age.
Life was so hard and rude to me would not yield any fruit.
Art, literature, music were my love, like other common people, I dreamed many profession, like a writer, artist, doctor, journalist in my adolescence days, and knew without study I could not become any one of these professions. So, I tried hard to find a scope to get admission in school, but failed mainly due to my penury. The people around me used to encourage and discourage both, it was my dream to become a celebrity any how. This is I am talking about a time when there was no TV and Internet, It was around seventy in a hill state name Tripura.
People would say that many great men born in poor family, could not study in school, but anyhow became great, contributing his or her talent to this country, hearing their story I got inspiration and confidence. So, dream would drive me crazy often. I started earning and run my life as a hawker in Agartala, capital of Tripura. I sold ground nut, sold Daily news paper, sold tobacco product like cigeratte and cigars ,betel leaf, sold boiled pea near country liquor shop, in hope to have a good sale.
Everyone thought I am becoming an evil man, ( as naturally, people do not respect street boys, and think of them are all root of evils) so, began to despise me , I felt alienated from them so decided to run away from my native land.
One fine morning, around 8 o clock, in 1979 I escape from my home, with utter desperation and wet eyes, to see and explore my virginland of future, I came to Kolkata , Westbengal through Assam by train, It took about six months. The six months made me memorable for rest of my life.

This kolkata is not known to me, very much different from my beloved Tripura. My Bengali dialect did not match with the dialect of West Bengal, Everything I found were quite different, People are much conscious about everything, life was faster than ours. Everything I would see with great amazement, even if people were to insult me I would notice how they react and talk.

Before leaving my home in Tripura I had dream to become a writer or artist, so , when I arrived in kolkata, I decided to become a famous artist or writer and left the idea of becoming a doctor or journalist, this decision was based on the remarks and discussion of local people who are poor.

Nobody knew me in kolkata, so geting a shelter was very tough.
Anyway, I came in contact with a renowned artist, his name is Bijon Choudhury, my life started moving ahead creating a new chapter.

My Teacher Bijon Choudhury and me before 1985

Almost a year I had a shelter at his house as a domestic help boy, I learned the primary concept of fine arts at his home. I expressed my dream to become an artist to him, he allowed, but I was very unfortunate, I had to leave his house, and beg for job and lived on the compassion of other people within a year. Many people had helped me . I became a beggar boy.

I could draw little, and managed a job in the film advertising office and made layouts, designs and some poster.
That job also did not last, I came to college street area to find some jobs in publication field, it was probably in the beginning of 1982. Spending few years in ups and downs I have become little matured and seasoned to unknown circumstances of artistic crisis. I decided, any way, I have to learn English language, capable to read and write, learn drawing, painting , make myself fit and parallel to the people on a graduate level, at least. I tried my best, People began to like me , love me , do something for me. My perseverance and endeavour started to yield result and brought me where I am now.

I have been drawing and painting as a profession for twenty five years, since 1982. I am self-taught and first started out as an illustrator in the book publication offices. I am always looking for new ways to express myself, and for the past years I have taken up Painting, as profession. I love art, literature and music. at times I went to teachers of music and dance.

At present, I feel all my infatuations and dream for art, and literature has withered, my ambition has changed totally, all I want now is to become a perfect man and hope I shall live and breath for mankind I shall work for global peace, I shall use my talent the skill of art and literature for this mission. This world really needs me!

oNLY BIODATA edited ON 23 FEB 2011


Albert Ashok (Bidya Ashok)
Address : 165. R. N.Guha Road, Golpark, Dumdum, Calcutta 700028, West Bengal, India. Telephone,033-2529 9371, 033-6452 1302, Mobile : 9330858536, 9477773288
website : , ,
Orkut, Facebook, Myspace

Date of Birth : 7th February 1961
Education: Self -taught

Occupation/service (1982 –2011) : At different advertising agency, press, publishing houses, and as a freelance artist in film distributor companies, periodicals, publishing houses, art teacher, painter , art critique, essay writer, translator etc.
Specialisation at : Drawing , painting , Cover designing, illustration , comics , cartoon.

Award and Honour : In 2008, ArtVenture, a philanthropic world organization in association with ARTICLE 19, based in London and Singapore launched the ‘Freedom to Create Prize’. This international prize is for artists who use their talents to promote human rights, including the freedom of expression, empathy, equality and understanding. Art venture had projected Albert Ashok as their featured artist in their global electronic mediums. It is a matter of honour and achievement, because, about 1000 artists from 89 countries had participated in that competition.

Awarded and conferred 'Satya Shiva Sundar' , a highest honour by The district Council of Culture, Kalahandi, and Lalitkala Academy, Odisha, India, in 2010.


1) 64 th Annual All India Fine Arts exhibition 1999 SANJOG at Academy of fine Arts.
2) Annual Art Exhibition, 1999,West Bengal State Akademy of Dance, Drama, Music,and Visual Arts at Academy of Fine Arts. Calcutta
3) Annual Exhibition,Rajya Charukala Parshad , Tathya o Sanskriti vibhag, at Rabindra Sadan, Calcutta.
4) Barshik shilpa kala pradarshani1999, Pashim Banga Rajya,at Nandan Calcutta
5) 65 th Annual All India Fine Arts exhibition2000 at Academy of Fine Arts Calcutta.
6) Poetry on Canvas a workshop at NSHM Academy Campus , on 21st, 22nd March 2003,conducted and arranged by NSHM Academy.Durgapur,Arrah,Shibtala 713212 WB.
7) 71st Annual All India Fine Arts exhibition2006 at Academy of fine Arts. Calcutta

Academy of Fine Arts Calcutta . from 2002 to 2006
Chitramoyee State gallery of Fine Arts kavury hills, Hyderabad ,A.P.10th to 16th April 2007
Birla Art And Culture—20 may –25 May 2008 Kolkata, West Bengal.
'MoNSooN ART SHoW 2008' KAMALNAYAN BAJAJ ART GALLERY 226, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021


Toronto (Canada) Herts (London) Delhi, Hyderabad , Kolkata (Sodepur) , Assam and Tripura ( Sabroom) ,Deoghar (Jharkhand), Ireland.

WORKSHOP art and literature
1)CREATIVE ART MEET at Mirinia Resort near Science City Calcutta
2)Soumen Charu Kala Utsab Bali sadharan Pathagar 383 G T Road Bally, Howrah- 711201 in 2004,to 2010
3)Monmartre Artist Camp 'at Calcutta Book Fair 2003 ,2006, Publishers Maidan Calcutta
4)little magazine mela ---2003 to 11 5th year,Pashim Banga Bangla Academy ,11 to 15 jan 2003,West Bengal Government ,Eastern Region Cultural Center, and Informention Center.
5)Kalamela, 2011 , Kornik, R N Bose Bangla library,Station Road, Deoghar, Jharkhand.

Excluding numerous participations in poets confluences in various places held through out West Bengal as poetry reading with local writer and poets.
Dhanbad, Odisha, Tripura, and many more..

Concluding :
Albert Ashok, A renowned artist, poet and an editor of an English literary Magazine in India. Though his mother tongue is Bengali he loves to express his emotion in English, his most poems are in English. His first Book of poems ‘ Ravishing youth 300’ in English was published in 1990, before that he used to write poems in periodicals like ‘The SUN’ a tabloid weekly, published from Delhi.

“From 1982 to till date I am working as a full time artist and writer. There are about a hundred Books on drawing and paintings, written by me and every year about a few100,000 school and college students are using them,I used to take classes in diploma school and colleges as figure drawing and paintings teacher. At present I run a school for senior students at my studio.”

Albert Ashok has written many books, published by different publishers, he has about a 100 books to his credit - 7 of poems, and most books on drawing and paintings used by school, college and advance student of Art. His books are most popular in West Bengal, neighbouring states of India and Bangladesh. He writes essays in periodicals/ magazine on art and literature, reviews ongoing painting exhibitions in galleries.
As a profession or occupation he has served two decades ( 1982 – 2007) as a freelance artist in publication industry in college Street, Kolkata, doing all sorts of illustration and cover designs for children and adult books.
An ex-teacher of figure drawing SAKSHAR KALA BHAVAN, Beliaghata and others at Uttarpara, Hooghly. At present, he runs a hobby school for advance student of Art in Kolkata at his residence.

Books published
There are numerous poems stories, and articles scattered in little magazine published from various places which are yet to get a book form,
1) Ravishing Youth 300 my first book of poetry in English , Published by :Spectrum Cal 700009
2)Bhvnai Kamnai Jatnai Bengali book of poetry ,published by:
3)Shatabdir Shesh Surjya do Published by
4)Phire Phire Chai Mukti Ache Kothai Published by Sahitya barta , nabin pal lane cal.
5) Baruder kabi Ami Ami Barud Published by:
6) Bhalabasa ekhon daou daou shikha published by:Biswa jnan, 13, Tamer Lane Calcutta 9


1) Ami anki 1 ,2,3,4 parts. Published by : Ranjan Publication , 8/1 A Shayama Charan Dey Street Calcutta 700073
2) Dekho Aar Anko 1,2,3,4parts
3)Ranger mela Aankar Khela 1,2,3,4 parts
4)Aanka Shekho Pencile 1,2,3,4 parts
5)Esho Anki Pestele 1,2,3,4 parts
6)Chabi Dekhe Chabi Aankho 1,2,3,4 parts Published by : Basak Book Stores,Megdoot, 4 Shayama Charan Dey Street, Calcutta 700073
7)Rang Bahar 1,2,3,4 parts
8) Alpana 1,2 parts Published by : Pragati Publishers, Tamer Lane, Calcutta
9) Rang O Rekha 1,2,3,4 parts Published by : Deepayan, Keshab Sen Street, Calcutta
10) Super Pastel Scenery published by: Siksha Niketan Sitaram Ghosh Street,Calcutta
11) Super Colour Scenery
12) Aanko ar rang Published by :Anubhava 12/6Tamer lane,Calcutta700009
1)Kane Sajano o Mehendi Published by : Shiksha Niketan ---- 50,Sitaram ghosh Street, Calcutta--9
2) Utsabe alpana
3) Kane sajano Published by :Nirmal book Agency : 89,Mahatma gandhi road, Calcutta700007
5) mehendi published by: Mahajati prokashan 13,Bankim Chatterjee Street, Calcutta73
6)Kane sajano
7)******************* Published by; J .N.Chakraborty & co : 13,Bankim chatterjee Street ,Calcutta-700073
8) **************
Landscape And Sceneries
1) Nature Study Published by :Biswa Bani Prokashani - 79/1B, Mahatama Gandhi Road, Calcutta
2) Pencil Drawing For Young Artist Published by: Skylark : 15Bankim Chatterjee Street Calcutta 73
3)Super Scenery Published by Siksha Niketan Sitaram Ghish Street Calcutta
4)Super Composition 1, 2 Parts

1)Drawing Chabi Tairir Gathan Tantra Published by Biswabani 79/1B Mahatma Gandhi Road , Calcutta700009
2)Charukalar Protham Padakshep
3) Nude Study
4) Figure Study
5) Jal Rang Lagabar Kaida o Niyam
6) portrait Study
7) Drawing Course ( prokriti, Pashu,o Pakhi) Published
by:J.N.Chakraborty & Co Bankim Chatterjee Street, Calcutta
8) Drawing Course (Jantu Janour)
9) Drawing Course (Manab Deh)
10) Animal Figure Published by :Siksha Niketan - 50,Sitaram Ghosh Street Calcutta-- 9
11)Human Figure
12) Water Colour in Natural Scenery Published by ; Skylark
13) FIGURE DRAWING for advanced student in English Text Published
by:Bhuniya Book Distributor. 8 ,Shayama Charan Dey Street
14) Model Study for the artist , Published by S B S publication, 78, M G road Kolkata
- 9

15) Cartoon Drawing
Published by S B S publication, 78, M G road Kolkata - 9

There are many books that have no records and now out of print, not available in market ,a few I can name as :
Eklabya a book of comics published by Golden Comics ,college st subra mazumdar and baby roy
Tarjan,suku, axa etc published by Ashok roy, from APP keshab sen st

Birds figure, colour composition, flowers and fruits human figure 2, animalfigure 2 , super paintings
Published by Shiksha niketan 2007


I feel proud when lakhs of people use them, and when i get letters by post from my admirers in land and abroad, their appreciation makes me more serious and responsible.
I was underprivileged, got no chances for education, and formal training in schools, but my books are popular among school, college students and academicians. Its strange to think and dream, it gives me enough pleasure and inspiration to work for people more diligently. I have been honoured officially by Odisha Government and non-government organization. .A prize may recognise my works officially. But I am not expectant, as I believe there are more people like me. Besides, the whole life i spent like a beggar, never could pay my house rent in time, never ever I was able to pay school fees of my children, never ever I wore a good dress and bought a nice thing for my family. and I don,t expect it anymore.
Sorrowing lies here in my land.

All my life I have been loved and honoured by common people for my calm behaviour and my profession art and literature. sorrowing lies in my life I understand this.
recently ( Article 19 and its another organisation Artventure ) has made me a featured artist on their website, its a sort of recognition that i am using my talent for humankind for long since 1982, in the field of art and literature. (this page is no more can be found) I started using my talent in literature and art since 1987, when Tiananman square in China took the souls of democracy loving students, a blood stained chapter created by China Government. On then, I was not so much conscious about world politics. I shed my emotion for human through my poems for the first time. From then on, I started to look for a global peace for struggling common people in land and abroad. This reflect all the years in my works of art and literature. Lets see hand in hand what we can do for the peace and solidarity in this globe.

And I want to be a man of PEACE. No more I dream to become a celebrity, I got more than I expected in my earlier years from this life I did not demand so much love ever. Thank you .

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